A Voter’s Notebook: A Collection of Platforms


Less than 2 weeks till the elections.  I promised myself that I would read up before I vote.  Here, I begin by collecting the platforms of each candidate for president.  I would have to wrap myself around the leader I want and then decide on how the candidates for VP, senate, congress, et cetera would align with the platform of the leader I want.

I would just like to note, however, that even though I am taking a look at the platforms of each candidate, their leadership skill in terms of (a) responsivity to the needs of the people; and (b) coordinating and executing plans remain to be of paramount importance to me.

To eliminate perceptions of “bias” (which I already admittedly have after reading news reports, social media comments and watching the presidential debates… but nonetheless would still want to maneuver away from), I will just present the collection of platforms in alphabetical order.


Click here to view the 20-page transcript of his platform.


The following images, I downloaded from the Facebook account bearing the name “Red Duterte”.  Uploaded them here for the sake of convenience.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Click here to view her platform directly from her page.

I saw only a couple of infographics — one from Facebook and another from CNN — but they were only summaries.


This one has already been reposted on Facebook by several of his supporters.  However, the text size is difficult to view so just download the image in this Facebook account.


You can also click here for the comprehensive document which can be downloaded from the same site in PDF.


The following images, I also grabbed from this Facebook page.  If you have a hard time viewing it here, just download it from the said page.  Again, for convenience:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For now, I withhold my comments.  I just really wanted to put these all in one place.


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